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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Meridian, ID

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The Meridian Law Group represents those accused of a variety of offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies within Idaho courts. Whether you are charged with a traffic infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony in state or federal court, we can help you. Our experience gives you the upper hand after your accusation.

We work with a wide range of criminal charges in and around Meridian, Idaho, regardless of "severity." Give us a call if you are charged with:

  • Assault, battery and domestic violence

  • Drug crimes

  • Drunk driving

  • Sex crimes

  • Theft and robbery

  • Traffic Violations

  • Weapons charges

  • White-Collar crimes

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If You've Been Charged with a Crime

People often make tragic mistakes after they've been arrested, charged with a crime, or both. Here are some helpful hints to make sure you are given the best result in the end:

  • Know Your Rights. Cops may try to coerce you into thinking that you have to talk to them when you are in their custody or otherwise; this claim is completely false. Simply tell them you want to express your right to remain silent until your attorney arrives. If they do not follow your declaration, mention this to your attorney as soon as they get there.

  • Contact an Attorney Immediately. The more time that passes between your arrest and the arrival of your Meridian, Idaho, criminal defense attorney, the greater your chances at saying something that you shouldn't have or worse. When I arrive at the police station or the scene, I will immediately become your voice and advocate.

  • Don't Lose Hope. Just because you are in the custody of authorities or have been accused of a crime, doesn't mean you are guilty. There is ample time and resources that I can use in your favor to reduce your sentence and/or punishment or even drop your charge completely.

The Constitution allows each person certain rights and liberties whenever they face a criminal charge. Let us help you understand your rights. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.